Course: Data Analysis and Data Mining

Code: 86798

Credits: 6

Professors: Anguita Davide, Oneto Luca

Email: davide.anguita@unige.it, luca.oneto@unige.it

AulaWeb: (LINK)

Notes: (LINK)

Material: (LINK)

Software: Matlab, freely available for the UNIGE students (LINK)

Homework Evaluation: (LINK)

Homework Deadlines:

The report must be submitted in one week after the end of the laboratory session.

Reports Submission:

The report must be done in groups of maximum two students.

Every group must submit one report.

For the submission just send an email to luca.oneto@unige.it following the next rules.

  • Email Subject: "[DA&DM-INF] - Report n° - Name1 - Surname1 - Matricola1 - Name2 - Surname2 - Matricola2"
  • Attachment: PDF of the report.
  • Text: group composition (Name1 - Surname1 - Matricola1 - Name2 - Surname2 - Matricola2)